Instructional Academic Program

Hope Elementary’s teachers encourage intellectual depth and rigor, hold high expectations for students, and help each child grow to his or her potential. Student achievement and learning goals come directly from the school’s mission and vision statements and its motto, “Learning to Lead…Leading To Learn”.  These guide all aspects of the school community, including program development and setting student-achievement goals.  Our technology program focuses on the use of technology resources and tools.  Our goal is to integrate these resources and tools into projects and disciplines using the same hardware and software professionals use in the real world.  The primary focus is on creating a curriculum to foster an appreciation of technology through creation, collaboration, knowledge acquisition, and an understanding of current and future technology issues.

At Hope Charter Leadership Academy, we have implemented multi-grade structures in all of our classrooms.  We have found through research and previous observations that our multi-grade students have done as well academically as our single grade students and have actually grown socially and personally.  This multi-grade structure introduces our lower grade students to higher academics while focusing on their current curriculum.  It also encourages our higher grade students to exercise leadership skills in the classroom in assisting younger classmates.  Our class breakdown is as follows: (2) K/1 Classrooms, (2) 2/3 Classrooms, and (2) 4/5 Classrooms.

We also use core classes, special classes, choices, enrichment, and remedial intensives to foster in-depth learning on technology-related topics.  All classes learn how to navigate our technology available at the school.  Students utilize educational websites to support the curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. The ultimate objective is to ensure each student has a wide range of technical proficiencies for their academic level by the time they attend middle school.