Hope recently changed both their literacy and math curriculum to keep up with the rigorous academic standards set by North Carolina. To improve our students’ academic successes we are now using the following curriculum resources:

 The Daily 5 – Students select from five reading and writing choices, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group, small group, and one-on-one lessons. These choices include:

  • Read to Self,
  • Work on Writing,
  • Read to Someone,
  • Listen to Reading, and
  • Word Work.

This curriculum is encouraging students to become strong independent readers, while also receiving personalized literacy instruction from teachers and teacher assistants.

 Everyday Mathematics – This curriculum develops math skills that will promote lifelong mathematics competency, the following concepts are the foundations of this program:

  • Use of concrete, real-life examples that are meaningful and memorable as an introduction to key mathematical concepts.
  • Repeated exposures to mathematical concepts and skills to develop children’s ability to recall knowledge from long-term memory.
  • Frequent practice of basic computation skills to build mastery of procedures and quick recall of facts, often through games and verbal exercises.
  • Use of multiple methods and problem-solving strategies to foster true proficiency and accommodate different learning styles.

 Technology- Hope recently received a grant that allowed for the most high tech model of SmartBoard Technology to be placed in each classroom. Students are now engaged in hands on SmartBoard lessons that expands our possibilities for academic growth. Students also have access to laptops in the classrooms.