Elementary Specials Classes

Rhythm & Music Education 
Students attend music class on a weekly basis.  Students are taught using standard curriculum. Throughout the program students will learn various aspects of music, music theory and history, as well as become introduced to recorders.

Spanish Education 
Students in grades K through 5th grade participate in Spanish class.  Students learn vocabulary through stories, skits, and games.  They enjoy culinary specialities from Spain and Latin America, they learn about the geography, the history, and the many varied cultural traditions of the Spanish-speaking world.  The intermediate level of Spanish encourages the development of oral language proficiency and prepares the 4/5 Multi-Grade classes as they continue the foreign language experience in middle and high school.

Health & Physical Education / Karate Education 
Students participate in physical education classes on a weekly basis.  The Healthful Living Education curriculum promotes behaviors that contribute to a healthful lifestyle and improved quality of life for all students.  The Healthful Living Education curriculum, when fully integrated, supports and reinforces the goals and objectives of its two major components health and physical education.  When the concepts of these two areas are integrated, learning is enhanced to its maximum.  At Hope Charter Leadership Academy we have specialized our Healthful Living Curriculum.  Our instructional program includes Health, Physical Education, and Karate instruction.  Our Karate program is led by Sensei Gary Crawford, a 3rd degree Black Belt who has been practicing karate for 18 years.  Through his program, he seeks to empower students using the 5 Precepts passed down from Master Gichen Funakoshi which are:
1.  See Perfection of Character
2.  Be Faithful
3.  Endeavor
4.  Respect others
5.  Refrain from Violent Behavior.

Students improve in the areas of confidence, concentration, self-discipline, and fitness.  Appreciation of others is highly valued and merely learning how to fight is not. Intermediate level students in grades 4/5 are provided karate belts at no charge during their participation for the school year.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have a weekly scheduled leadership elective to support our focus on instilling The Covey 7 Habits in our school community and culture.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have a weekly scheduled library time where they are able to go to the media center and check out books and participate in mini library lessons and/or book reads.  Students are also afforded the opportunity to work with computer workstations, laptops, or iPADS to complete research, or integrate technology with other instructional activities with their classroom teacher facilitating.

YMCA: Y Learning Academic After School Program

The Y Learning Academic After school Tutorial Program of the YMCA is a unique program that is available to students of Hope Charter Leadership Academy.  Y Learning is an after school tutorial program that has been designed as a school partnership with teachers, administrators, students, parents and the YMCA counselors; by extending academic and social support to students in grades K – 5. The program’s main purpose is to increase reading, writing, and math achievement through experiences that include a emphasis on social, emotional, and character development. Providing well-structured and engaging activities that inspire children to learn using a variety of innovative methods is reflected through the multidisciplinary approach.  Students participate in our after school program at no cost to our families.  Program hours are Monday – Friday from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm on regular school days and 11:30 am – 6:00 pm on Early Release school days.  Snacks are provided for students each day. Assisted learning activities per grade include:

Kindergarten & First Grades: 

  • Small group reading led by volunteers and staff
  • Homework assistance and tutorial
  • Computer Lab Time using i-Ready (individualized online instructional tool for blended learning in reading and math)
  • Recreation time (focusing on youth health and wellness, and character building)

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades: 

  • Reading time with a focus on comprehension
  • Homework assistance and tutorial
  • Computer Lab Time using i-Ready (individualized online instructional tool for blended learning in reading and math)
  • Interactive learning activities in stations
  • Skill practice: reading, writing, math
  • Recreation/Structured Games time (focusing on health and wellness, peer socialization, and character building)